Cabiria Jacobsen, mezzo-soprano

"What is love, 'tis not hereafter, Present mirth hath present laughter: What's to come, is still unsure. In delay there lies no plenty, Then come kiss me, sweet and twenty: Youth's a stuff will not endure." - William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night

Cabiria Jacobsen has been praised for her “mezzo of richness and power” and for her "Bea Arthur-esque timing." Beginning with the New York City Opera Children's Chorus, she spent many happy years performing professionally throughout the United States. After receiving a diagnosis of infective endocarditis while 30 weeks pregnant with her daughter, she had an emergency c-section and open heart surgery on the same day. Following these events, Cabiria has taken an extended break from performing.


Performing in operas and musicals was the true love of my life. In some ways, it still is. Artists care for their art as a mother cares for her child. It may seem selfish; it isn't. As I try to make a new self, and a new life, I'd like this site to hold a place in the universe for Cabiria Jacobsen the singer, the actor, the lady with a knack for comedy, the performer. She's out there, or in here, somewhere, and I'd like to be able to say hi sometimes. I hope you will, too.


If you'd like a copy of my resume, or to learn more about me and what I'm working on, please send me an email below.

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